All the locations and venues are in or close to Paleochora.

We are familiar with each one and have good relationships with the local people who,

like us, live and work here.

Hospitality, friendliness and generosity belong to the daily life in Paleochora.

Exactly the ATMOSPHERE you would want for your special day.

Whatever the weather or time of year

we can help you select the perfect location for your needs on the day.


Sandy beach

The sandy beach of Paleochora offers beautiful settings for a

beach wedding.

The setting up of the wedding ceremony is taken care of and the restaurants or beach bars close by are available if you choose to wine and dine your guests. 

Gialiskari Beach

This pebble beach is a 10 minute car drive east of Paleochora. It faces south and overlooks the seemingly endless blue sea. 

We will take care of the setting up of the wedding ceremony and the simple beach restaurant is available if the guests would like to eat local food.

Grammeno Beach

This great bay is 10 minutes by car west of Paleochora. Just behind the beautiful sandy beach is the restaurant Humas. The owner rents out the lawn between the restaurant and the beach for weddings and events. With the help of a caterer we organize a romantic ceremony and the following wedding dinner under the glittering starry sky.


The beaches above are only a small representative selection. Paleochora is surrounded by beautiful beaches and

of course we can also organize your ceremony at a beach of your choice.


Pearl Cavo beach bar

The big terrace is situated above the sea and a small staircase leads to a beach full of old Tamarisk-trees. You have a breathtaking view over the Libyan sea. The spacy interior offers place for about 100 guests.

Serves drinks. Food only catering.

Professional sound system.

3 minutes by car east of town.

Jetee Beach Bar

This wonderful beach bar is situated directly on the sandy beach of Paleochora. Tamarisk-trees and canopys give shade to the pavillions. This is a perfect location for a wedding on the Sandy beach.

Serves drinks. Finger food can be arranged. Basic sound system.

Castro Bar

With a fantastic view over the sea and the village roof tops this bar is named after the Castro Fortezza just above. The ruins offer the perfect settings for romantic sunset photographs. For more privacy the venue can be rented by hour or for the whole evening. Basic sound system.

Above bars and cafe are only a small representative selection. Paleochora is offering a wide variety of bars and cafes and we can organize the festivities at any place of your choice.  Live music can be arranged.



This rustic family-taverna  is located on the west side of town with a view to the Libyan sea. It is lovingly decorated and the mother cooks excellent traditional Cretan food. The small private beach across the road offers a great location for a private beach wedding.

It caters for up to 70 persons and has a basic sound system.

Paleochora camping

With a view over the sea and traditional Cretan food makes this taverna a good choice especially in combination with the Pearl Cavo Beach Bar across the road.

Its 3 minutes by car east of town and caters for 70 people.

A sound system is available.

Offers catering for Pearl Cavo.


Oriental Bay

 This outdoor restaurant is situated right on the stoney beach on the east corner of the village. It is artistically decorated  and offers clear view over the Libyan sea.

Suitable for up to 70 guests.

Offers Cretan food.

Deilino Restaurant

This restaurant is located right next to the beach, 10 minutes by car west of Paleohora. It has a lovely lawn with lots of shade and offers a  variety of very good typical Cretan dishes.

Its suitable for up to 80 persons and

simple sound system is available.

We will arrange the transport for you.

Anidri Restaurant

This well known restaurant in Anidri, a small village in the mountains, is a 10 minute car ride away from Paleochora. It offers a pituresque garden under an old olive tree together with a view to the sea below, a relaxed atmosphere and excellent food. This makes it perfect choice for a reception of up to 60 guests. A simple sound system is available.

Grammeno camping

If you would like to celebrate your event barefoot from the beach to the restaurant or accommodation then this is the location for you. The campsite on Grammeno Beach, a 10 minutes drive west of Paleohora offers a wonderful sandy beach and an excellent beach restaurant. You can spend your wedding-night in a romantic wooden tent or a caravan.

A sound system is available.

The above mentioned restaurants are only a small selection of a very wide variety of tavernas, pizzarias and restaurants in and around Paleochora. We will organize your reception at any place of your choice.

Live music can be arranged.

churches and the mayors office

church on top of the mountain

This is a very romantic place for couples who don't mind a small hike.

From the village of Anidri it will take less than 30 minutes on a path leading up a small mountain. From this lovely chapel you have a spectacular view of the mountains and the sea.

This location is ideal for a simple ceremony. Drinks can be arranged.

Perfect in combination with the Anidri Restaurant.

mayors office

You can also get married in the mayor's office and you can choose either the official room on the first floor or be more adventurous and try the roof terrace with a fantastic view over the village. Suitable only for a ceremony with few guests.

Drinks can be arranged.

monastery church in Azogires

This nicely renovated church belongs to the monastery of Azogires, a 10 minute car drive from Paleochora. Its cosy atmosphere gives wonderful setting for a romantic ceremony. Drinks can be arranged.