about us

Sigi Wörle-Klironomakis (born in Germany):


I have lived in Paleochora for 30 years and was married to a local Cretan. Together we are the proud parents of two lovely young men.

After 23 years in my boutique, I thought it was time to reorganize my life and  I got my chance:


A friend had asked me to help her plan her wedding in Paleochora. I loved the organization and enjoyed the positive feedback from the bride and groom as well as their guests. This experience inspired me to start, together with  Gabi, Atmosphere-Events.

Since then, we have been able to organize many weddings and events over the past few years and we can now fulfill (almost) all wishes even better thanks to our diverse experience.

Gabi Brosenbauer (born in Austria):


In 2010 I fell in love with this part of Crete and since 2012 I am living permanently in Paleochora.


Sigi's idea and her offer to realize Atmosphere-Events together inspired me from the very first moment.

Since then, we have wholeheartedly endeavored to make all bridal couples and of course their guests happy and give them unforgettable days in Paleochora.

My strong empathy and imagination turns wedding dreams into reality that have not even been dreamed yet.

Dear Sigi, dear Gabi,
Thank you very much for your great organization of our wedding. You supported us wonderfully on all levels, thank you!
Everything was planned and organized just as we had imagined!
We recommend you with a good heart to all friends who also want to have a dream wedding on Crete :)

Kasia & Carol


 We use all ours skills to organize this special event. Our knowledge of the Greek language together with our good contacts in our local community and businesses help to create

a loving and caring atmosphere on this special day.